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However, I strongly suggest you read chapters 1 - 7 anyway because these contain the basic ideas behind the book.


Those chapters make up the first third of the book. I hope you will find them easy to read, even a little chatty - I enjoyed writing them.


The rest of the book is equally interesting, but you are more likely to read the chapters that matter to you personally first, then dip into other chapters.


I assure you that what you read will be new to you. When writing the book I read a huge number of books on Stress - I have spent a small fortune through Amazon!


I am absolutely sure that you will not find some of the ideas presented in my book, ideas which form the backdrop of many concepts in Chinese medicine - anywhere else: even in books on Chinese medicine they are not presented as I present them.


Equally, if you already know something about the Western approach to Stress, that's also in the book, in an appendix.


Reading the book will open your eyes as to what works and doesn't, and help you decide in advance whether a particular solution is likely to work for a particular kind of stress.


If you have already read about the book on the page from which you reached this, great! But if not, here's that page again: www.qistagnation.com








If you're on this page, you are my guest!.


Having just published my new book, online, I invite you, as someone I already know, to buy it at a considerable discount.


The book is an e-book which means you can download it to your computer and read it whenever you wish, or even print it out and read it in hard copy. (Of course, there are some 400 pages, so I suggest you consider the matter carefully before printing it.)


If you wonder which chapters to read (there are 18 of them, and 10 appendices) look in the Introduction, where there's a Questionnaire.


By considering that Questionnaire you may decide which chapters to read.

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Your Comments on the Book will be very WELCOME!

If, having read the book you wish to comment on it,  I welcome anything you say.


Well, almost anything as long as it's polite, and definitely if it's complimentary!.


You can add your comments to my page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Acupuncture-Points


If that doesn't appeal or you don't use Facebook, you will soon be able to add your comments to a description of the book on Amazon.


Doing either would be really helpful to me, as nearly everyone looks at Amazon Readers' comments when buying.


Of course, on Amazon, they'll be paying full price.


Anyway, thank you for reading this far. I invite you to buy and whether you do or not, offer you my Best Wishes!


By the way, I've just moved to new premises - see below.


One last thing: this offer will be available for only a week.


Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

New address:

Spirit Health Club, Holiday Inn, 132 Corstorphine Rd, EH12 6AU

07950 012501

0131 629 3257

Special Price

I invite you to buy my new book at 40% off the full price. This is 40% off the pre-VAT price.


So instead of paying more than £28, which includes VAT, your get it for 40% off £23.97, which is £14.38.


This turns out to be 50% off the VAT-inclusive price.


So if you expected 30% off, this is better.


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